what shud a wife do if one of her exes suddenly meets them in an occasion n indirectly insults her husband by saying about his sexual relation wid her?

Also sharing details about the stuffs that she used to do with him n about the videos they recorded, but to make up all this at last he says that he (husband) is lucky to get her after evrything? Husband was unaware of her past n now loses self confidence n respect. So what should the wife do after hearing this about her ex?


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  • in the spot you shouldn't take that from that guy. it's not your wife's fault that that guy is an asshole, but you should plainly say it right there and confront that man. it's not the wife job to defend his husband, but to have his back in this situation

    • So is it her husbands fault that he has to suffer all this? N should the wife enjoy the situation withou doing anything as she is not at fault?

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    • off the top of my head, something like how miserable must your life be now that you need to try to embarrass me and her to enjoy yourself, why don't you apologise?

    • Husbandshud apologize to that man?

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