How do I feel better about myself?

My ex girlfriend has made me very insecure about how i look among other things she has made worse. i know that im young but we were together for 6months until i found out she had been cheating on me for more than a month with a person who is almost 18 (and has graduated) when we are both going to be turing 16 next year (they broke up though two weeks after she broke up with me). My ex would always tell me that she liked me a lot better without makeup, but 1) she met me when i was using makeup everyday until i had an allergic reaction to the skin on my face she had never seen me without it. But the thing is she would only tell me im pretty or beautiful when i had the makeup on. She has also told me that she has always dated or liked shorter people (im almost 5'5 and she's 5'3) which also made me feel bad when i wanted to wear heels. My ex has made my mental issues worse and i was just starting to like my body until i realized all these things. This was my first relationship as well. I had asked on of my friends to ask her what i had done wrong in our relationship and apparently it was everything i did. If anyone would like to hear more please pm me


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  • Look at yourself in the mirror & be like damn, I'm hot af. You need too move on from her. That's gonna take time but eventually , she will be nothing more than a memory just keep busy.

    • thank you for replying i really appreciate it.

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    • you know like when you haven't really been around people (because they won't talk to you) and then this one person after so long starts talking to you everyday and making you feel less lonely you just get attached to that person. if you get what im talking about

    • thank you :)

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