girlfriend was moving back in, left her stuff and ghosted, need input?

So, my ex of many years left me eight months ago, claimed that I didn't spend enough time with her, that I belittled her, and didn't respect her time with her friends, in actuality I was resentful of her lack of employment for seven years and there was no end in sight. I had finally delivered the ultimatum politely that she needed to consider finding work or consider other living arrangements as she was entirely too comfortable sleeping 12 hours a day and watching tv when she was awake. She got a job AND moved out, she left a majority of her possessions here as in her eyes, I own nothing but the house itself. She then dated me a couple times, then two months back, moved much of what she had taken, home, and spent a month here aside from a few days a week. She then accused me of being too demanding of her time, and disappeared. We still talk occasionally, but I initiate contact, and have only seen her a few times for a short period in the last month. I'm assuming the presence of another guy which she vehemently denies, but she's never left without a spare man handy. Ideas or input appreciated.


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  • what was your question already?

    • Looking for ideas or input as to what the problem could be, I don't have any answers, and would like some. Seems weird that she'd move stuff home then bail out, she spent most of a month here, then she spends no time at all for the last month. Instead of showing up here, I have to meet her to see her, and only for a short time.

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