If you like someone how do you show it?

If you like someone how do you show it? What's the usual signs you give? Hints? What do you do if the person doesn't notice your signs/hints? What do you do if your flirting with someone and their flirting, but neither one makes a move? Or you see that happen with a friend?

This isn't about me lol. I'm just curious


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  • Well if I'm around a guy I like I will become very quiet but at the sametime I wanna do something that will get his attention like me singing. I will look at him and than look away and look at him some more. If I'm close to the person or there my friend I will start laughing at anything they say. I use to have a crush on my friend john and I remember at school in the hallway I grabbed his arm and pulled him close to me. And then on new years day he text me asking if I like him. If I really like a person I will always try my best to be in the same places they are. Like my other crush josh I would always be in the lunch line near him. so there are little things you can do to show them you like them without saying it. Also read their body language because that can tell a lot about a person. Well good luck:)


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  • Eye contact, humor, and a lot of light-hearted physical touch


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  • Be your self and show your fun side , try touchin his arm or say cute little jokes


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