Do you think this girl will ever contact me again?

So i was dating a girl for about a month, she was moving for grad school and brought it up several times but i brushed it off because i didn't think it was a big deal. After a date where i met her dad actually, she became distant and didn't even properly kiss me goodnight afterward. It was really late so i didn't think anything of it. Anyway next day she broke up with me over text, i begged and pleaded, she was really mean. Next day she sent me a long apology and said i treated her like a princess and she loved every minute of it, but she didn't say or give the impression she wanted to be back together, to which i sent a long begging text back, she was mean again. Next couple days she would randomly message me on different things, snapchat or FB or text, i would respond but try to be short, and eventually she stopped, and i deleted her from snapchat because i only have close friends on there anyway, and didn't wanna stalk her. I know she is in contact with her ex who she broke up with fairly recently i believe, and is probably in the picture to some extent, but i never let that bother me or let on that it bothered me. So after about 3 weeks right before she was to leave i texted her telling her goodluck in her move, and goodluck, she responded with some stuff about a summer class i was taking and we went back and forth on that for a bit, then she went dark for like 8 hours and texted me something late at night basically saying goodluck to me, i didn't respond because i didn't think it was necessary. Couple days pass and she texts me saying she doesn't know why i texted her if i didn't wanna actually talk to her, and to refrain from texting or talking to her again. I text saying "? i wasn't trying to be rude or anything, just wishing you well" and then left a voicemail and said the same thing, that i didn't think long distance wouldve worked either in hindsight and that i hope i run into her again someday. She texted back "do not contact me" later. Is she gone?


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What Girls Said 1

  • the question is why do you want to be contacted?

    • I want to be with her. I think right now would be hard, but wanted to keep the door open for the future

    • I think you should let it go, sometimes you can't leave the door open.

    • Yeah, i mean i tried, i think i made a lot of mistakes in handling her. As far as not being masculine, texting her everyday, and doing too much and showing how into her i was, but i definitely tried my best even though i made those mistakes, i was just making them because i was inexperienced. Its a shame because i think she's just wonderful, and if i had been more on point with my game she would still want to be with me i believe. But maybe not, maybe she was always going to break up with me before she left, you never know. Good learning experience for me none the less. If it didn't hurt me, i wouldn't learn from it

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  • You seem like you are going back and forth from wanting to be with her and not wanting. The same happening with her as well. I suggest you move on if the only thing you feel with her is pain and sadness

    • Well, when i was with her i was pretty happy, but thats probably good advice honestly. she's the closest thing I've had to a real girlfriend, and now i just feel sad because i missed out on a chance at love with her

    • Don't worry. Another person will come and replace that sadness one day. I wish you luck😉

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