If he calls or text.. what should I do?

We have 2 teen boys together but for 90% of their lives he wasn't around. This year we got together and were being a family but he messed up (cheated). I haven't see him in 3 months but we didn't split up till a week ago when I found out. i didn't give him a chance to explain I just hung up. I am not sure if he will or text.. but should I even respond? I know we have kids together but he hasn't even asked about them and my 15 yr old hates him.. my 16 yr old has special needs and he loves him because he doesn't know any better.. should I never let him come back in our lives again? He likes the fantasy of a "father " but not reality.


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  • I hope you're smart enough to have court ordered child support

    • I do. but he didn't start paying till last yr.. but has 80,000 in back pay.

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    • Well actually I can.. they gave me a choice when it was first filed.. i could choose back pay or payment start on that day on.. I picked to add back pay.. I can choose to have it dropped but I can't drop any interest that was on it after they filed it. I'm not doing it either way tho.

    • Good for you

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  • He's being selfish. I agree 100% with reptocarl. Court ordered visitation will be what's best for both boys. Any animosity your boys might have toward their father will be better solved in court. That way you don't have to make the choice. I hope everything turns out better for you and your boys.

  • I'd say let him have a relationship with his kids unless its toxic to them as for you guys I'd say end that only keep conversations if it has to do with the kids again unless his toxic to your family. i hope i helped


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