Should I Completely Cut My Ex Out of My Life?

He broke up with me after six months because of college, and it's been about three weeks since it happened. There was no fighting, and we ended on good terms, because it was for a valid reason and I understood why he was making the decision he made.

I haven't texted him at all since and vice versa, and I don't intend to for awhile, at least until I feel better, however I don't want to cut him completely out of my life. I still consider him a good friend and I don't want to completely burn the bridge.

I feel like though, the way we separated, it's intended that we burn the bridge and never turn back. Obviously I don't want to get back together with him, that would be ridiculous, but should I still keep him in my life for a future friendship or whatever? Or should I just abandon it?

Should I Completely Cut My Ex Out of My Life?
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