Ex still drunk texting me after being split for 2 YEARS? What does it mean?

Soooo, me and my ex have been split for 2 years.
He was an immature douche, we ended it 2 years ago.
He's moved on with a new girl yet STILL drunk texts me regularly and I'm so over it.
Kinda feel bad for the girl he's with now as at one point he was texting me non stop.
I have no feelings for him at all now, in fact I find it kinda funny. We were together for 3 years ish.
But what does it mean if he is STILL doing this 2 years later? Has he not truly moved on from me in his head or what? Thanks guys and gals! Xxxx


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  • he's drunk and remembers the sex and thinks he can get that ass again at least his drunk brain tells him that


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  • he means business to get himself satisfied. I guess he hasn't find anyone till now n wants to mingle again sexually.

  • It means you're an idiot for not blocking him

    • That's childish and bitter lol and I find his begging funny. Just wanna know what it means

  • You are sooo over it... yet have not blocked his number, have not blocked his texts... clearly his texts feed your ego...


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