Did I make the right choice to take a break?

I felt like shit for a few days before taking a break with someone; i wasn't sure how I felt about this person and really did not want to lead her on (although know that I've come to understand the last week better I think I do have feelings with her - I still think I'll still stay with the "break" but I wanted to be able to say that if it was true, so that she didn't feel like i led her on). Basically I was really anxious and depressed and was thinking about her and us and weather or not I liked her still. And I was also worried that she was going to break things off and that was most of it.

I digress... when I saw her before I took the "break" we were making out and cuddling a bit before I actually did it. This is what confuses me - I felt like shit, and I'm not sure if my body was telling me that what I was doing making out and cuddling was wrong, and that my thoughts that I didn't like her were right, or I was just anxious about having the conversation with her. I actually didn't feel any better after, and doing it was pretty emotional, and then spent two hours with her in the rain which for some reason i kind of enjoyed the time spent withe her.

I'm just not sure if that emotion was me saying "you don't like her end it now" or my body just being overwhelmed from the stress of the conversation itself, which I'd been planning to have...

Im not entirely sure about my feelings for her; this moment is the only moment that makes me doubt them. I rushed over because I felt I had to see her and then felt overwhelmed by anxiety...


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  • I think it's right for you. Don't question your decision


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