Ex talks to all of his kid's and their moms but not me or my daughter?

My ex and I have been split up for 6.5 years and he has children by multiple women. Mom 1 has his son, Mom 2 is Me and I have his daughter, and there is Mom 3 which is his current wife who also has 2 of his sons.
He and Mom 1 split up before his son was born and so did he and I (split up before our daughter was born)
he contacts; texts and calls Mom 1 and their son but he doesn't text or call me to ask about his daughter. I can't seem to figure out why he can talk to the son whom is not in the home but not my daughter.
Anyone have any ideas? He does pay child support for out daughter since he is an absent parent but he says that he is fine with that. He also pays Mom 1 but it's much less...
i dont know i can't figure him out!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I hope it's court ordered child support and shame on mom 1 for not getting it court ordered

    • Mine is court ordered. Mom 1 isn't because she is afraid he will to take their son because of her sketchy background

    • What a dumb cunt. It isn't up to him it's up to a judge

    • lol I know but she's not really a smart woman! She's a nice woman just not very intelligent

What Girls Said 2

  • Did you split up badly? Or maybe he doesn't like having girls?

    • I broke up with him so... I guess to him it wasn't the greasiest time. Not that I am beautiful or anything but I am 10x more attractive than the other two and it makes me wonder if the wife just doesn't allow it or something. I dont know really confused. Not like someone shouldn't stand between you and your child! I don't like him but I still love and take care of out daughter! Ya know?

    • That's probably why then. More probably just his choice though as if it was the wife she'd probably stop the money or seeing the other mum too

    • Wife can't stop then money. It is order by the state. And I don't think the wife know she he talks to the other mom as much as he does

  • I guess he really doesn't like you?


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