Popular Girl Ruined my reputation?

Hi, so I had a crush on a girl in University 4th yr. She has told me that she had no boyfriend several times and hinted that she liked me. We had some arguments during class and I started getting frustrated and started going crazy. Every time I saw a girl in the library, I thought I saw her. Some days I would keep walking around and around the library to find her because I missed her a lot and then some rumors started about me being really weird as they didn't know I was just finding the girl. Things got worse when my crush's best friend disliked me. She spread really nasty rumors about me. My crush and I argued really often. I was really frustrated because she tells me that she is going to u. s. for masters in 1 year yet, she kept flirting with me and telling me she had no boyfriend many times. I know she liked me but is she serious? I know it was my fault and I should have communicated better. I gave her a birthday present and then she rejected me saying I was weird? I missed her a lot and started going to the school library often walking around and around finding her. Every girl I looked at, I only saw her... And a lot of those girls gave me bad looks, they probably didn't know of my story. The school had a lot of rumors spread that I am crazy and weird and etc... People were laughing at me, giggling, gossiping, bullying me... I feel like shit... My reputation is ruined. Although I know it is majorly my fault it hurts like crap... I really liked this girl so I put a lot of feelings in. and not only my heart shattered but I have no reputation and is hated by a lot of people...


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  • I am so sorry for that but now you should stop thinking of what other people say about you and start building a better reputation by excelling in what you are good at and things will blow over.

    • Thanks. I am practically left with nothing at my university now... even people who I knew heard of my rumors. and although I know they r nice but when they r with their friends, they just look down as they pass me... I feel like shit. And I still miss the girl...

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    • like I got really pissed because I gave her a birthday present and she just said I was weird and when I told her ok... wtf. never talk to me ever again. like I was mad that she didn't even show appreciation...

    • It will be frustrating but just be cool and collected that way people will think that you are a nice guy who just made a mistake but apologized for it.

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  • She's not worth the room in your brain

  • I'm sorry but you kind of did come off creepy if your just wandering round repeatedly, staring at girls...

    • yeah ik. but I went crazy. I only saw my crush... :(

    • But then you need some sense of control. As it's worrying if that's how you act with just a crush. As in a relationship etc can't be that obsessive

    • yeah I agree. she was my first crush in 15 years :(

  • Don't let it get to you


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