Should I respond to my ex?

My ex and I officially cut ties the other night. He hung up on me, ignored me, and completely abandoned me (has happened multiple times) so I freaked out & told him I am done and asked him not to contact/see me. He never responded.

I am leaving to study abroad to another country in a week and I know he wanted to see me before I left, but on the night where everything blew up (one of the last chances to see me) he got drunk and blew me off. He was MIA for a few days and today he liked my facebook posts and texted me saying he "wants his stuff back and wouldn't be contacting me otherwise, but he doesn't want me to throw it out." I'm now more offended, cause he hurt me bigtime, ignored me for days, and is now just asking for his shit.

By how he acted the other night I thought he didn't care about me at all, but whenever we broke up in the past he always ropes me back in by saying he "needs something I have, or needs to give something back to me" etc. . . I'm not sure if he is just saying this because he wants to find a reason to see me and re-hatch everything before I leave for 6 months, or if he actually doesn't give a damn and just wants his shit back and nothing to do with me.
Ps - in the past he's been very adamant about always being together and always begs for me back, but his actions are always dysfunctional and not normal, although I do believe he cares for me. I was kind of hoping he'd beg to see me agian before I went abroad. I don't know if I should respond or just leave the country without ever seeing him again.
Should I respond to my ex?
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