Why do guys rush the relationship?

I was with a guy for just over a month and as soon as I met him he was very sweet but saying things like, "you're so easy to talk to, it's like I've known you years", within the first two weeks he asked me to be his girlfriend, I thought he was joking but a couple of hours after that he made it Facebook official, he couldn't wait to show me off, on our first date he took me to a party and introduced me to all of his friends, posted pictures of us everywhere and asked me to do the same, he spoke about he's moving house and wants to make it ours and I can help design it, his family knew about me and his sister follows me on all of my social media, his mum invited me to visit (he broke up with me the day after he asked me to do this so it never happened) and when we would go places he would see kids and talk about him wanting them one day and him and his mum spoke about what ours would look like.

it all felt so rushed but I liked it, and he told me he was falling for me and he can't wait to make me proud every day of him. We went on nice dates, he would get angry at guys even looking at me in the street and shout at them, I brushed it off because he got cheated on, then dropped me out of nowhere, he told me he isn't ready and maybe it's because we have rushed things after all that. I tried talking to him a week later and I'm getting no response. I'm so confused?


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  • ummm... how soon did he "get in a relationship" with you after his last one? Because all of this is just screams moving too fast, the only thing missing is a marriage proposal. Do you know his single history? Like, if he's never been single for more than a month for example? Overall, I'm just getting this sense that this gentleman is... trying to heal from something too quickly. With such a fast pacing, it just screams to me that is relationship isn't just about you and him and a future. There's something in his past there that wants to affirm to himself that this could work, that this is right, and that you're the right one. By rushing it, he's trying to get that proof as soon as possible so he can really convince himself. Just a guess, and i"m not trying to discourage holding on and such, but I've seen it happen.

    • I've done this in my past unintentionally so I think I agree with you unfortunately

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  • Basically he rushed as he was desperate but got scared when he realised what he'd done


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  • simple, they want to fuck.

    • Yeah but they could just say "I'm looking for something casual" instead of introduce me to all of his friends and family and make us official. That doesn't sound right

    • I feel like they think they don't have a choice. I think they think that the only way to have sex is to be in a relationship.

    • Hmm, times have changed though and girls are more open to casual, there's always plenty around who are willing to

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