Why does he act like I don't exist?

So my ex dumped me with no warning. I took it really hard but still the breakup it wasn't made extra dramatic by yelling and expletives or anger.I accepted it the best I could and haven't made any effort to contact him since. I really don't want to be a part of ANY drama. So we have mutual friends and my question is why does he ignore me like I don't exist when we are in the same area together? I certainly don't want to have a conversation and pretend things are okay but a nod in my direction (or eye contact in general) should be fine right? I just don't understand considering there is no bad blood between us-unless I'm missing something?


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  • He wants to move on, but maybe is afraid that acknowledging you would make you think there is still hope for you with him. The fact that he is ignoring you and you do not know the reason behind him breaking up with you, goes to show a level of immaturity on his part. You are being made to feel like the bad party by him ignoring you. Just carry on and laugh and enjoy your friends, have fun and smile. Just move on and get on with your life.

    • Isn't that a little self-centered on his part? He doesn't know what I'm thinking so he'd rather pretend I can't handle him acknowledging me because I will want him back so badly? And you're right, he is pretty immature for a 28 year old!

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