My girlfriend is now asking me to break away because she doesn't love me anymore?

I actually got engaged with the love. of my life with whom I broke up 5 years ago due to some serious pressures on me. According to her she accepted my proposal under her family pressure and she is in love with someone else. I was her first love and I seriously love her. Tell me what should I do?


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  • talk to the family will make something happen, she's possibly using your relationship to hide the other guy, .. I'd say it'll be her getting pregnant and then panicking about him running off.
    get your ring back.

    • that could be a possibility that she is using my relationship so that no one can suspect her when going out or doing a certain activity.. But getting a pregnancy is something I am. sure that it is not the case.

  • Ussualy i'll tell u just let it go dude. But if u want her back, tell her bra. Its the only way i can think of. What u got to lose here? Do nothing and you'll lose her.

  • hi read your post and i want you to know that you dont have to give up on your woman. i have a friend who passed through this kind of problem ad today he is now a happy man. you can still win her heart to make sure she love you so well. can you mail me on my email so that i can let you know what to do ok mccartkatty@ gmail. com will wait your mail

    • I have sent mail to you, please acknowledge.

    • hi please can you email again i never receive your mail

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