He told me to leave him alone after a weird set of events, how do I move on or should I wait?

Long story short! My now ex boyfriend and I had been dating a year, things were always touch and go. He would go through a period of getting closer and then back away, at the 6 month mark I constantly told him I loved him. Tried to prove I was not the cheating type, he'd get so protective over other guys trying to talk to me. Things were really good, he would do things to show me that he cared, he took care of me after surgery. Just sweet little things. At the year mark, he told me that he loved me back. Then pulled away abruptly, that is what got to me. This is where the weird comes in, my boss has been doing some really conniving things. It all goes back to a guy, he broke things off with her, because she would not leave her husband. She made the work environment Hell, after me and that guy split, and I met someone knew. My ex wanted me back, so both of them did what they could to break us up. It never worked until now, I found out, that my boss made a fake profile on POF to bait my current ex. She acted like a concerned friend, and he got upset when she revealed her intentions. He thought it was a friend of mine being nosy. He exclaimed to her that we were just friends, he had not talk to me 6 days prior to all this going on, and she did not know that. He stop talking to me after he told me he loved me. He ended up blocking me on FB, but did not block my number. I sent him a text after I had heard what happened. Another boss was in on this too, she was supposed to be my friend. Before he blocked me, she signed into my FB, taking passages from previous messages, constructing an apology letter. My other boss then told me everything, then I sent him a text trying to explain to him, it was not me. He told me to leave him alone, and the only response I gave. I said ok, I understand, but I'm being punished for something I didn't do. I don't plan to reach out anymore. I'm really hurt by all of this and it is too much drama. I still love him, and I don't understand.


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  • He sounds extremely insecure, manipulative and unfaithful. It's best for you to move on from him and from this insane job that you have. I would try reporting them to HR. All of this drama is unprofessional and should be addressed. I understand you have feelings for him, but all in all it would be within your best interest to move on and find someone better.


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