Saw ex at concert with a new girlfriend after breaking up a month ago?

So I've been waiting for this concert for the past two months. I knew my ex was going to be there because he was one of the promoters. Well background on the breakup: we broke up on July 6. No contact since. He has me on Snap and Twitter. Broke up with him because of the way he treated me after not giving him a BJ. He was pressuring me to have sex (I'm a virgin), personally attacked me, manipulative, and wasn't honest. First boyfriend ever and we dated for 8 months.
I was having a great time during the first half. I decided to go the restroom and when I came out, I felt someone staring at me. He gave me the meanest glare and I glanced at him, and quickly went back to my area. He then PURPOSELY brought his new girlfriend in front of where I was with my friend. I didn't even know until I looked up. Because of this, I quickly moved to a different area. Next thing you know I see his girlfriend looking my way and smiling. Smh, who knows what he told her about me. When the main artist came out, they were again in front and I could see everything. They were grinding, flirting, he looked happy. I couldn't even fully concentrate on the concert. After it ended, I cried in the bathroom. The fact that he moved on after just a month hurts so much. And that fact he purposely tried to intimidate me.
He was the first guy I opened up to since 2011. He knows I'm sensitive and has anxiety. It all makes sense now that he didn't bother fighting for the relationship. The girl is gorgeous as well. I have been crying since and honestly feel like crap. I hate him for doing this to me.


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  • he is a really crappy person, and you should be more than happy that you are out of a relationship with a guy who does not care about your feelings like that. I could never fathom doing something with the intention of hurting others feelings especially when they have things like anxiety and what not.


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  • What a jerk.
    I know it hurts but remember that you are the lucky one to have escaped such an awful man.
    And you know what? That relationship will not last so get ready to be the one laughing and smug when this petty rebound fails on him.
    Don't let him know it got to you though, that's all he wants. If you don't react, you don't give him the power.

    • They knew. They were smiling in my direction. My heart just sank. I wish I never looked up at him. I wish I never did. That look was so hateful. And watch the relationship last.

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    • Thanks so much. I'm trying. I blocked him on Twitter and deleted on Snap. I don't know why he still has me on his Snap though. He doesn't deserve to know what's going on in my life

    • Girl you know he texted me a while ago?

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  • chin up there's more to life than being gorgeous and im sure you are too all this just proves he wasn't worth your time and you can do so much better than that don't give in to pressure and if a guy pressures you then he's an arse hole


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  • What are you exaclty cry about? Your ex boyfriend who abused you finding a new girl? No baby get back to your senses. You didn't lose anything. He disrespected you, manipulated you and didn't treat you the way you deserved to be treat good for him that he moved on because you're about to do the same it's about time


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