Should I call it quits?

I recently decided to break up with my boyfriend.
It all started when he received a text from his ex's cousin and lied to me about who she was saying it was his sister's friend. When I know from previous initial stalking that it is actually his ex's cousin.

My reason for calling it quits is because white lies lead to bigger lies and I felt hurt that he didn't trust me with the complete truth. Like why lie if you have absolutely nothing to hide?

I reacted by avoiding him for three weeks- we spoke on WhatsApp but didn't meet up or call each other.

When I eventually did tell him about his life he didn't even acknowledge it , all he did was turn it around on me and ask if this was the reason why I was avoiding him.

After which I broke up with him and he was so calm and okay with it. He told me we had good memories and we should leave it as that. I was really hurt at his nonchalant manner and his don't care attitude.

He has to drop off my keys so I suggested we could talk about things...

So my question is... am I wasting my time trying to make things work with someone like him or should I just move on - which is just so damn hard.
Please please help. I need to make a decision soon.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Nah, from the sound of it, he already moved on dude. Just take your keys, wish him a good life and forget about him. And try not to stalk anymore k? 😂

  • Excuse me, "initial stalking"?

    • Yeah... like when you first start dating someone surely you check their online activity first 😬

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    • @MistQueen23 what do you think I should do?

    • Honestly, I would have a hard time trusing him now and I dont think it would work in the long run. But just talk to him and ask why he had to lie and you can judge his reactions.

What Girls Said 1

  • Dump him. He's okay with it anyway. Why even waste your energy?


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