Would it change anything if?

i told my friend that I liked/have a crush on her? I mean I just have this urge to tell her but I don't want things to be different if she doesn't feel the same way. I'm cool with it but I just don't want her to start ignoring me or stop hanging out with me because of it. and if I did tell her I wouldn't act any different or take it any further unless she felt the same way, I just want to let her know


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  • Funny. I'm in the same spot myself right now. Honestly it depends on how close you two are. You can usually tell if it'll damage the friendship if you tell them. Best way to tell her is to let her know that although you like her you hope it doesn't change anything and you value her friendship above all else so if she doesn't feel the same it's all good you just wanted to see where she stood. If she's a mature person she will be able to maintain the friendship without akwardness in the event that she doesn't feel the same way that you do.


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  • I recently got up the gots to tell my friend I liked him. It honestly didn't change anything and if she cares about you, you guys will be fine no matter what her answer is.

    • So you guys still hangout and do the same things like you used to? there's no awkwardness at all? I hope my situation comes out the same or better! thanks!

    • Yeah mostly. I honestly think my friend flirts with me A LOT so sometimes it is awkward. but we are both awkward people so that might be why haha. like I said, you should do it and just hope for the best.

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  • hm... some people in general, they get too weirded out if a friend tells them they like them. But personally, things became to awkward when they would find out. But I never regretted it. But I wish I was more prepared for the outcome. You need to be ready for either answer, whether good or bad. Look for signs, study her body language and see if she does some gestures that signify that she is interested in you. I DONT know what those gestures would be since you guys are friends, your probably already close. But you'll probably be able to figure it out. But be careful, don't misread her motives and intentions. Patience and you'll know when the time is right.

    Bottom line, I think you should tell her, and and whatever happens, I hope you guys still stay friends


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