What to do about this situation with my ex?

We met last night after not seeing each other for 8 months. He has been messaging me since we split last April. I stayed the night & today we went to the park & spent the day together. Last night he said he hasn't slept with anyone since me & he hasn't been interested in meeting someone & he's felt a bit low. When someone asked him if I was his girl, I heard him say yes. But then he also didn't remember how old I am, which is crazy.

I asked why he hadn't slept with anyone & he said he just likes his own space. He was upset I had slept with another guy. The reason we broke up is because he's not a relationship man. He cares about me & is so affectionate, but he's the kind of guy who wants to be free from responsibility. A loner type. He says he wonders why we did break up. Last night he said he wants to see me again. Today he kissed me on the lips & said talk to you later.

I'm confused about what I want & where this is going.


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  • you dont know if he is speaking the truth
    he can very well be a player by now

  • it's leading to a toxic relationship where your his hoe and he can fuck other bitches but the moment you want to sleep with someone else you're a slut


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