Help asap please?

After me and my crush stop talking and he blocked me on Snapchat I became friends with this girl who is semi close to him. We are starting to become good friends but tonight she was telling me about people who she thought was cute and who she used to talk to and she brought him up. Should I tell her I used to talk to him and he blcoked me? Or wait and let him tell her I'm crazy or some other stuff if she mentions me?


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  • just go ahead and tell her.

    • How do I open a conversation about that though. she might think I just became friends with her to use her or something and that's not true. Plus me and her other friend got in a fight about something personal and she asked and I didn't say should I tell her that too?

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    • Tell her everything but what if she takes it the wrong way? Because when she was talking about him I acted dumb like I didn't know who. She's still obviously attracted to him it's obvious

  • Why did he block you?

    • Because I was annoying. Well actually never gave me. Reason but told my friend he thought I was crazy

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