Why have my most recent ex's blocked me?

I'm a pretty reasonable person (not a crazy, stalkerish ex) so I don't understand why my most recent two ex's have blocked me on social media.. but weirdly, they haven't blocked me on all of them...

ex #1 (not my first boyfriend but the first to block me after break up): I took off my snapchat. He blocked me on Instagram (never posts on there...) but just unfriended me on Facebook.

ex #2: I took off my snapchat. He blocked me on Facebook (he never posts on there? This made no sense). And then we're still following each other on Instagram? (I haven't unfriended him yet bc I'm trying to figure out why he didn't block me on there as well).

Ex #2 did post a sappy lyric picture after we broke up basically about how he missed me, and another post was showing off his bod... so maybe that's why. (Sidebar: this is not the type of person I thought he was).

I know these are very specific examples of types of social media and very specific people (who the hell knows why my ex's do the things they do. lord knows.)

But does anyone have any thoughts on those examples?
What is your own rationale for blocking/unfriending ex s on social media?
I'm just generally curious what people have to say about social media and ex's. And if you want to comment about my personal experience, please do :)
Why have my most recent ex's blocked me?
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