Did you ever cheat on your partner? If you did: Why did you do it?

I recently caught my boyfriend cheating. As I can't tolerate a man disrespecting me like that, I broke up with him and haven't spoken to him since. But I can't help asking myself what makes people cheat on their supposed loved ones!?


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  • i have and it was because my partner at the time was not fufilling my needs. I'm not saying she wouldn't give me head so I cheated. she would have sex with me for a whole year. I know a lot of girls are going to say what did you do wrong blah blah blah and they can feel free to message me but I really honest to god did nothing wrong. she was just holding out and wouldn't tell me why wouldn't talk at all about it. so after that length of time I took things into my own hands. or I guess technically into someone elses hands

    • Ok, but why didn't you break up with her if you were no longer happy/satisfied with the way your relationship was going!?

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    • Were you worried that she would find out? Was it worth the risk of losing your girlfriend?

    • I guess I was so flustered at the time I didn't thinka about it really

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  • My ex cheated on my cause she was pressured by her friends to have a good time. They also didn't really like me all that much. After all these years, I've still never cheated on whoever it is I'm dating. And I plan on keeping it that way.


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  • Good question, I wish I knew the answer. If they want someone else, then I don't think they should be in a relationship to begin with


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