How do I forget my ibf?

(ibf=internet beat friend) me and her have been best friends for almost 7 months & randomly a month ago she started being very mean & always blocking me and unblocking me the next day & as a joke we'd swear at each other but when we were serious she'd call me a bitch & tell me to kill myself & just yesterday she messaged me & said "we can't be friends anymore you're very annoying & i can't deal with u fake ass bitch" & i was obviously very upset & a few hours later i was texting a friend me & my ibf were both close to & she went on his account & blocked me & now i feel so damn lonely coz i usually spent every minute talking to her & i don't like anyone irl as none of my friends get my humour & no one else online could replace her what should i do. by the way i will NOT message her from another account bc she should be the one apologizing, not me.


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  • I can be your friend
    if you need someone to talk to
    I hate mean fools just block her


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  • First of all, you definitely should cut her off, if she really was your friend, she wouldn't tell you to kill yourself. I wouldn't tell my biggest enemy to kill themselves, that's a big and mean thing to say. So it's better for you that it's over, trust me. Second of all, I know exactly what you feel, I had an IBF for like more than a year and she cut me off and it was horrible, worse than a heartbreak, it actually was a heartbreak in a way because you know "friends can break your heart too" . But it gets better. Trust me, it does. It's been over a year in my case since the "friendbreak" and I can honestly tell you I am not sad anymore whenever she comes to mind. It just takes time, find yourself things to do and you WILL eventually forget her in time.

    • tysm this is so helpful ❤️

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    • yes maybe when i wake up coz it's 5am for me i haven't slept yet 😂 is it okay if i pm you later? ❤️

    • Yes of course❤️

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  • Leave her. Don't talk to her anymore. Who is she telling you to kill yourself. A real, good person wouldn't say that to a friend.


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