Should I delete my ex in my FB friends list?

Due to my naivety, I was challenged to be with an emotionally unavailable man. I didn't know that I can't change nor inspire him.

To regain self-respect, should I unfriend him in Facebook? I don't want to see any revengeful matter or become a source of entertainment. We broke off two (2) months ago, been without contact and I don't want to expect anything.


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  • its part of letting go so you should delete him really

    • Yeah. I'll have a new life on January and would like to delete him after that. Ha ha

    • i dont think waiting 6 months is really what i meant

    • I agree, you should delete him so both of you can move on

  • if he still loves u please dont do that it will end up causing extreme depesssion to him

    • We don't talk anymore.

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    • and one more thing can we jus introduce ourselves?

    • i want to meet new people

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