Why does my ex always block then unblock me?

We've been separated for over a year now but I've noticed when I have a wee stalk of his instagram that sometimes I'm blocked then a few days later i won't be? I haven't tried or wanted to speak to him since we split but I'm curious as to why he would be doing it?


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  • next time your unblocked you can block him and be done with it all

    why does he do it. to check in your stuff blocking works both ways to stalk your page he has to unblock you, there's a waiting period before he can block again. if he hasn't said something to you my guess is he's looking for fuel to cause drama.

    again take advantage of the waiting period imposed on him and do your own blocking

  • blocked where? which app you are talking about

    • It says instagram

    • then y are u still bothered about your ex... if have decided to be away , just block him permanently

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