Girls, Why so mad?

It's been some 30+ years and for the life of me I can't figure out why this girl [woman] is still mad? I just find it fascinating someone could hold a grudge that long, against a person who's never wished them nothing but the best, and stayed out of their life.


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  • you should ask her

    • Why? Seems to me if she wanted to tell me she'd done so a decade or so ago. I just find it fascinating someone could be this way? My only interest is in hearing your thoughts on the matter.

  • Maybe you're a bitch or something to her?

    • Possibly?

    • Then, there you go.

    • Hardly an answer I venture to say.

  • What is she mad about? We are emotional creatures. She could possibly love y

    • I haven't a clue? I'm told by her mother she doesn't hate me, but her behavior over the many years says only one thing, don't talk to me.

    • how so? she invited you places right?

    • No. She doesn't really talk to me, she 's been that way for 30+ years.

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