Crush blocked me than unblocked me?

My crush just blocked me unblocked me and blocked me again I am so confused


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  • you don't know what exactly you want. and u r nt selective abut what u choose. it's like experience once you sense and realized then u won't be confused agai. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • I want him but he keeps doing this and I did nothing I'm confused

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  • ask him what's up

    • Dm him on instagram?

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    • I know is confusing

    • Why'd you crush on such a person, it doesn't seem worth it

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  • he is more confused more than you lmao
    don't think about it

    • or just say "hi" and start a convo

    • Because a lot has happened but I didn't do anything. I feel like dming him something rude and blocking him on insta but I don't know

    • leave it don't write anything rude to him

  • accident maybe didn't mean to or blocked the wrong person

    • There's multiple steps into blocking so someone and this is the 2nd time so I don't know

    • it can also be someone else doing it

    • Yeah true. I don't know he just blocked me again to unblock me

  • Prob getting your attention. seems like it worked

    • How would he be getting my attention? But ignoring me I'm confuse

    • Yea okay my bad ^^ prob hit the wrong button or something nvm

    • I don't know. But I blocked him back he's really getting on my nerves

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