What's the point in lying?

So my ex tried to get me back a few weeks ago. We didn't because it turned out he'd slept with quite a few people and been messaging women in our 5 week split.

After this all came out he said he wasn't wanting a relationship and thinks he needs to sort things out first and that he'd just end up hurting me.

So it ended nicely, with I love yous and it will take me a long time to get over you blah blah blah then I saw him on tinder, it said he was looking for some fun or a relationship with the right person. So I confronted him about it and asked why he couldn't have just told me the truth the week before. He said I can think what I like but he's not looking to be with anyone. He also tried to get in touch with me last week which I ignored because otherwise I'll just get led along the garden path again. I've now seen him on POF where it clearly states his intentions are "looking for a relationship".

Why would he lie to me? It's hardly to spare my feelings is it?

I already know I need to take some of my own advice and stop bloody looking for him! I want to move on but he keeps finding ways of getting in touch with me which puts him prominently in my mind.


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  • http://i.qkme.me/3qqevg.jpg

    He is an ex and what he does he has the right to do despite how you feel during your split and anything thereafter.

    The real thing to be asking is why you keep looking for him at this sites, why it bothers you so much and what is about him where you can't block or ignore him to keep him out your mind.

    • Because I've always wanted us to get back together. I tried to block him and not speak to him or ever see him and he found ways of getting in touch with me and started asking me out on dates which then turned in to us being how we used to be. We then had a fight and decided it would be best to stay apart and despite him keep trying to message and meet up with me I didn't respond until a few weeks ago when he said the words I'd hoped for "I love you, I can't imagine a life without you in it, I want to make you happy and make things right"

      Then it came out that he'd had a ton of one night stands and was messaging other women. We stopped speaking again but he kept trying to get in touch with me. Only days ago he emailed me from his work account because he knew it wouldn't be blocked

      That's why I'm bothered and yes I need to move on and I want to block him and ignore him out my mind 😔 it's just hard

    • Just stay strong and stay the course. You can't get weak. Eventually he will stop.

    • Thank you. I just want to move on. I figure that if I never reply to any way he finds of getting in touch he'll give up. Then I've just got my own internal battles to deal with.

      It gets better the less I see or hear of him. Just when he pops up it sets my head spinning.

      Thank you

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  • You just need to go cold turkey. I know it's easier said than done as there are still feelings.
    You know your worth as a person. You are beautiful inside and out Hun. No man is worth the heartache and games.
    Stay strong

    • Thank you AdriadneR. We're a little while on now and he's been in touch trying to get back together again. We spent and evening together and although it was nice to feel like we had gone back in time and nothing had ever happened I just couldn't see him in the same light that I did before all of this 😔 and so I've told him I can't be friends or anything because I do still have feelings but it would just never work out between us, it's too far gone and too much has happened.

      I've blocked him on everything because he kept getting in touch with me and it broke my heart every time 😔 I just need some time away and on my own. Feel like I need to heal and become whole again (as cliche as that sounds).

      Thank you for your comment lovely 😘

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  • I think he's just using that tag to get women, I don't think it has anything to do with you.

    • Hmmm. Maybe I should be happy for him that he's moved on.

      ... I just wish he'd leave me alone in the process and let me move on!

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    • Haha. Thanks momo770 x

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