When ex ask questions?

So my ex which is my child father who is also married wants to know whose at my house. He always asking if I'm sleeping with the guy or tell him ha. Me and my child father occasionally mess around and I told him it's time for me to move on. I know it's wrong for messing with a married guy, but why is he doing all this? He even calls me drunk late at night. I ask where he wife is he says gone and that he's confused.

Is he trying to hold on to me or what is it? Honest questions.


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  • if he is so much insisting and you don't want child that badly.(i know a mother wants her child so badly but only if you don't want) ask him to be parent to your baby and tell him that you will move on after that.
    if he says yes then he wants baby.
    you haven't told here that if he's having kid or not so it can be one reason.
    second could be he just want you as his sidechick.
    so he can fuck you at anytime and go to his wife when he wants.
    it's the worst idea of any woman in world to be sidechick i don't think you wanna be one.
    as one girl said if he wants to be with you with cheating on his wife im sure he will cheat on you too..
    other things depends on his behavior.
    why he married another woman like that a lot.
    so try to update question with those facts if you want to.
    else tell me here More so I can explain more.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's hard to say without knowing someone. I mean I think it's somewhat natural to always feel something for your child's parent even after you break up. He also has easy access to you. so it could be a convenience thing. I don't really trust cheaters and think if he's cheating on her even if you get back together he will eventually cheat on you. Just remember the reasons why it didn't work out in the first place.


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