Will I have bad karma?

I ended it with a guy that wouldn't put in effort only on his time he was never busy either when I wanted to do things with him dates and calls the simple things he always made excuses I always felt pressure to keep him interested by doing things I wouldn't do. I always felt emotionally drained from this I got the feeling he was interested in another person cause his communication dropped at certain times everyday it was just suspicious to me when id talk and he drop we were always on and off again I asked him and was more excuses but he said he wasn't still I decided to end it because of me putting in more time and emotion than he would I was stressed the hell out over it all. before this all happened I was thinking of someone else at the time when we were not talking for a long time I don't know why the person came to mind but I have not talked or have had no contact with this person during this whole time cause I just got rid of the toxic relationship and I feel bad for ending it but it was going nowhere with him and since I was thinking of someone else didn't want karma for that either so toxic relationship plus my heart was thinking about another didn't want to hurt the person was with more than I did so I ended it now I don't know if I should even contact this other guy Im to heartbroken and feel bad like its gonna come back at me even though I did nothing wrong.


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  • this what I get.. ur guy was ignoring u.. and didn't put efforts into ur relationship... meanwhile the u got other option so u had to close the relationship with the guy... .. its OK.. u don't have be at guilt... its better for both... just move on... no regrets...
    . having said that... the new guys.. also looks like u r more into him... please don't get involved emotionally until u know its worth it... most guys are couch potatoes... and u don't have go beyond ur ways to please him... if they don't deserve... be a step behind. ... have fun

    • if u believe in ur karma... u actions are because of karma... so... no regrets anyway... may its the guys karma payback time... lol

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