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My ex and I broke up 3 months ago. We suddenly started fighting the last week we were together and called it quits. I still hurt. He was with a girl for 6 years before me. We were together a year and he even proposed to me. Well now we're not together and he's never bothered calling me. He is back with his ex and they never worked because she always made him choose between her or his mom because they hated each other. He would choose her but then realized he needed his mom so he'd run back to his mom. Kinda weird but family comes first right. Well now that they are together he again has disowned his mom and doesn't let her see his daughter. He also tells my friends he loves me and cares for me still now and asks what I've been up to and how I've been. What's going on through his head. Do you think he'll EVER try to contact me. He talked negatively to everyone we knew after the break up about me and never tried calling or texting me. At work he won't even look at me. What do you think is going through this guys head?


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  • Anyone would be foolish to even try to figure out what (if anything) goes on in this guy's mind.

    Be glad that you're out of this drama.

    You'll always play second fiddle to another girlfriend or mommy.


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  • Right on Stercor! I had a guy like that once. Drove me crazy! Don't try to figure out what's going through his head, just try to move on. The best I could figure out is that my ex didn't know what he wanted. Just leave him alone, don't bother contacting him. Maybe if he grows up he'll come back. But I'm thinking you'll have moved on by then. Good luck!


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