How to understand that I like someone or someone like me?

actually i bit confused about girls i like girls as friend but dont think beyond this friendship. i have many friends but i dont know which girl is perfect for me or not. i dont have feeling like love towards girls when i look at girls i just think about figure if it atrcative then i think that she is good looking but not good for love how i can change change my believe that someone is perfect for me or how to find


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  • Falling in love "at first sight" isn't realist. You start with attraction, interest, and curiosity. Once you spend more time with them you develop romantic feelings. With time it becomes love.

    It can be hard to figure out if your attraction to someone has more potential. It takes time, experience, and knowing yourself/your needs before you can tell early on.

    For now it's better to focus on making yourself the best version you can be than trying to find the perfect women. Self improvement often had the side effect of attracting compatible people.


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