Will she change her mind?

So my girlfriend broke up with me last Thursday and it hasn't been a week yet she did the same thing a few months ago and wanted to get back together a week later. So my question is how long should I wait till I know for sure she moved on? Her cousin told me that she keeps saying that she misses me after she broke up with me. I still want to be with her I haven't text her in three days the last time was on Friday and Saturday. like she told me that she's not happy and that she's not loving me enough well she's 300 miles away from me only for another three weeks she's been gone since April and we only have three weeks to go and our one year anniversary is in five weeks...


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  • I don't think that anyone should wait for anyone. I know you still have feelings for her, but she broke up with you and it makes no sense for you to hang around to see if she's still interested. You should move on and if something happens later, then you can adjust to that but absolutely do not wait around for her.


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