Keep thinking about my ex girlfriend even though she lied and cheated? Why, lol?

Recent break up with my girlfriend, about 5 months dating and all of sudden she pulls a 180. Starts going out with "new girlfriends" having her phone die and not calling me until the next night. I enjoyed being with her, we were suppose to move in together 4 weeks from now and everything. I got an over charge on our shared phone bill and saw she has been talking to her ex boyfriend sending him photos at crazy hours of the night. Starting lying about every little thing trying to make it seem like I was the wrong doing the wrong really wacky sh*t lol. I cut her loose told her to have a nice life blocked her from everything. The main thing is I don't know why I get random days where I feel like breaking down and unblocking her but I know I can't. What do you all think?


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  • It's part of the moving on process.

    So long as you don't give in, I wouldn't worry about it.

    A side note, until you are legitimately married to another person, I would not suggest making financial moves like combining cell phones or savings accounts, or any of it.

    That just leads to trouble when there is trouble, as I'm sure you figured out.


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