What to do if your boyfriend texts you saying we need a break after 2 years then cuts you off and is ignoring you now?

my boyfriend and I had a bad argument 3 days ago he texted me Sunday morning the day after saying we need a break... he's barely even talking now he is straight up ignoring my text messages now and completely cut me off.. we have been together for 2 years now how do you cut someone off over text and never speak to them again? we didn't even talk in person about this


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  • Nothing happens suddenly in any relationship
    he was planning it a long time ago.
    or he wasn't serious about relationship at all.
    i think that he just wanted to get in your pants
    or you were ignoring some facts that he wants to break up earlier.


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  • let him loose find someone that appreciates you his loss not yours

  • than he cuts u off

  • Go to some bars and pick up random guys too take home and fuck. Then text your boyfriend after each encounter. He will get jealous and want to win you back. Guaranteed to work


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