What should I do? Should I confront him or completely ignore?

So basically there's this guy I've been involved with, we been on and off since 2012 but we got more serious in 2016. Long story short this dude always trying to make me jealous. One time I went to a party & he ended up going with some of his friends. I caught him flirting and dancing with some girl. I didn't really say anything then this year he came to my house driving another females car with her in he passenger. I confronted him about It & he claims it a friend he as known for over 12 years. Then yesterday in the afternoon i caught him talking to some female that lives literally right across from my house. I'm honestly fed up with his passive aggressive behaviour. It's definitely over between us but now I'm wonder what to do? Do u think I should confront him or just completely ignore him? Will the silent treatment bothers him more?


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  • I tend to get along with girls better so i can kinda see the innocence in just having girls as friends and chatting with em lol but if you just ignore him and it does bother him he probably has no idea what he's doing by taking these actions. If he's a player then he's gotta play and ignoring him won't bug him that much because players or fuckboys or whatever you wanna call em tend to like the chase and the conquest.

    • Ok thanks for the advice. But It's definitely over between us...

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