How would you feel about a guy who went crazy for a girl?

Hi, if you were a girl and you heard that a guy broke down for a girl, what would you think of this guy? I had a crush on a girl and the crush used to like me and even told me that she had no boyfriend 4-5 times. Later on, we had numerous arguments and her friend was being a bitch to me. I started going insane, because I loved this girl so much that every girl I saw, I only saw her. However, when I gave her a birthday present, she said I was naïve and weird... And I got super pissed and just said "never talk to me ever again"... I felt that she no longer loved me or treated me with respect... Later on, I walked to the school library every day to find her for two semesters, but every girl I saw, I thought it was her and gave a stare, and some girls were pissed off. Her friend and her spread rumors that I am crazy + the library rumors. Now a have a shit ton of rumors... Is it really my fault? I admit I was acting weird and crazy for this girl but do I really deserve this? She was the one that hinted that she liked me but she was also the one to deny me... I felt like shit. I started going insane, my head hurt so much. She was also my first love...

How would you feel about a guy like this? Idiotic, jerk, or sympathy? Do you think it is all my fault?


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  • You are not alone. I have been there and I have had friends who have been there minus the rumors. But believe me we each had our own girl we went crazy for or are still crazy about. I know I've done things that I consider not okay while going crazy for a girl and my friends feel the same about themselves. You should be fine as long as you 1. Do not take it too far 2. Acknowledge your mistakes.

    • like do you think its my fault though? I thought if you truly love someone, you would take care of them and try to understand them...

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    • man we feel like shitttt! i got fucked up by rumors. Had 200 people at school. just gossiping and gossiping

    • Thats really sad man people suck and will just spread what they hear without thinking it through!

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