What should I do with my ex boyfriend?

I visited my ex boyfriend's city last weekend so we hung out a bit, because we are trying to go back to be friends. It was our first time seeing each other in person since we broke up.
The first day we met he was really nervous and he could barely speak logically at the beginning, but the conversation and everything went well and we had a good talk.
The second day we went to the beach together. We played/messing with each other in the sea and had a really good time.
Sometimes we look into each other's eyes and sometimes he looked at me and smiled. I feel the spark and I think we still have feelings for each other, but we both tried not to mention anything about it.
There's no way we can work things out because there's no way we can live in the same city/country (and that's the main reason we broke up).
But I always feel like he is so special for me, no one else makes me complete like he does, even though I have moved on and I'm not sad about our breakup anymore.

Since we are in the same friend group so we cannot avoid each other, but there's always spark between us...

I am happy about our relationship (close friendship) right now but I don't know how to deal with that natural spark between us. Is it going to harm our friendship in the future?
And according to my description above, do you think he still has feelings?


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