Im tire of this, what can I do?

2 years ago my ex broke with me because she started feeling something for someone else. She was my first girlfriend and it really hurt me for a while. 5 to 6 months later from that rupture, I was back on my feet with my life. Month passed and we talked randomly but I every time we have talked, I feel uncomfortable, like if I just dont want to know anything about her at all. Anyway, a year later I met someone and i fell in love with this person, but it turns out she was a toxic one, so i thought that my ex could helped me on that time and she did but she wanted to keep our communication and i tried since i blocked months 5 later when we split up. I felt uncomfortable again but i keep it up. a week later, I blocked her again, but 3 months later (today), she made a new facebook and she sent me a message telling me how i was. i kept the conversation and she was insisting about why i reject her when she treated me good and gave me love and she wants to be a part of me again in a friendly way, and that she still doesn't understand how my psychology works. I really want to take her out of my life again, really, I dont want anything with her, I have a new girlfriend, a work, college, my friends, family, i have it all right now, i really dont want to bring her up in my life anymore. Also, I dont want to speak to her because we will start discussing again and again. What can I do? Please, I really need advices


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  • It seems that you have an inconsistent relationship with her.


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