Would you try to find new love if your husband or wifes die?

I know an old man. He is this year 53 years old. He married his wife when he was 18 years old, he were together with her since both were 13 years old. At age of 31 his wife died because of cancer (dont know what cancer, im not an expert). In the last 22 years he haven't dated anyone and was never interested in another women. He is still wearing his ring and he loves his wife over everything in his life and he dont want to ever love another women in his life. He continues taking care of his children and other family members until he dies.

I find it incredibly sad and i hate it that his wife had to die. There are so many trashy humans so why had a good person to die?
I find their love incredible, for me this is true love. Nowadays relationships and marriages are so easily replacable. I've read on the internet about a 35 year old woman who was married for 16 years but her husband died in a car accident. This woman remarried 6 months later, she is now 41 and her first husband is completly dead, she was asked when it was the last time she visited his grave and her answer was "4 years ago or so" and then she was asked how many times she thinks about her first husband she said "at the beginning a lot but after some months rarely". Now isn't this true love?

I hope i will never marry a person like the 41 year women.

I personally won't want to marry ever again, if my marriage was happy then i dont want to have another wife.!

How do you think aboug these both people?
What would you do?


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  • It's common to remarry at an older age. I think it can be very different than the first time. It may or may not be about love, but more about companionship. I've known people who remarried in their 80s, so 53 isn't old at all to remarry.

    22 years is a long time to get over it and move on.
    The second woman is very short.

    People are different though. Some people like the widow next door to me are very dependent on having someone around. (she's 63 btw) They just don't like being alone. I knew she'd be like that when her husband died. Sure enough she was talking about dating about six months later. There is nothing wrong with it. It's been over three years now and she still hurts from it. But she was wanting someone else after six months. She's just very lonely and is not the kind of person to be alone.

    Other people (like me) are the opposite. After my last ex, I just had little desire to look for someone else. I kept an eye out for years, but had no strong motivation to actively look.

    Neither is right or wrong. People's degree of wanting companionship varies considerably.

    • This woman in the story remarried after 6 months!! Not started dating again. This guy supported the woman after her husband died and after 6 months they married!

      The man who haven't dated since 22 already moved on a long time ago. But he dont want to leave ever again because he only wants his wife be the only love of his life.

    • Marrying after six months is very soon, but I can sort of see it. But not even thinking about her husband that quickly is just odd.

      I know someone who married a guy in his 40s when she was 18. With the age difference he died long before her. He died somewhat young, and she lived to an old age, so she outlived him by a good 40 years or so. She never married again but did a very small amount of casual dating. After all those years she still loved him and got buried next to him.

  • I'm happily married. If I were widowed I would definitely try to find someone new, because I'm miserable living alone. If I died I would hope my wife would meet a wonderful new man.

    I think the woman you mentioned is healthy, the guy who hasn't dated for 22 years not so much.

    • Well, at least this guy won't replace someone that easily. This woman is completly disgusting in my eyes, after being together with someone for so long she just threw him away right after he died.

    • She didn't throw him away. He died. She grieved or not, depending on how good or bad their marriage was, then got on with the rest or her life.

    • Why going into a relationship then? Its sad but this is how humans are, loved ones can easily be replaced. So why even try to be someone special for someone if in the end you still be easily replaced? God, now thinking about it makes me feel depressed.

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