Relationships / marriage problems?

I married my bestfriend of almost 7yr. I thought he was my one. because I thought he wouldn't change. I found out he has been lying and doing things behind my back.
do you think this was a mistake or am I over thinking stuff. I don't know him at all anymore.. relationships / marriage problems?
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  • Impossible to say, what has he been lying about? What has he been doing behind your back? It sounds like you may have married him under false pretenses. If he's been seriously misbehaving you may be better off to just end it. If you have children it's a more difficult decision but it's generally a bad idea to stay in a hopeless marriage, children or not.

    • he has been changing our bank accounts so I no longer see or have access to them. disappeared for a weekend and had very lame excuses. he hasn't been the man I knew lately.. he has been snaping on me.. I feel like he may be cheating or has been lying

    • These things are a HUGE RED FLAG. You should be taking whatever action is necessary to protect yourself financially. It sounds like he's already gone. Sorry.

Most Helpful Girl

  • you're the only one who can say if it was a mistake

    • I feel like this has made us lose our friendship. . he doesn't even come to me when he is having a bad day anymore

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    • thank you for trying to help me figure out this.

    • you'll work it out eventually :)

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  • I don't think it's a mistake for anyone to marry their best friend. You may now have regrets, but you made a good decision based on what you believed to be true, and being friends for that many years you had a fair amount to go by. Your decision wasn't a poor one. I don't know what the source of your issues are in the relationship. My best advice if you decide you want to try and make it work, is to look for anything that might be your fault and do what you can to make up for it. Most people aren't willing to admit when they're wrong, but if someone else admits it they're far more willing to admit their own faults and even to try and make up for them. I don't know if you're religious or not, but I'd also highly recommend praying for him. I'll be praying for you, friend.

  • tell him directly what you are going through... if he understands that good if not then i dont have to say anything further..

  • I would bet a paycheck that YOU are the one who changed.


What Girls Said 1

  • It is not how long u know someone, it seems u didn't met his real self till now


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