Relationship /marriage problems?

does he have someone else or has he lost interest in me? we used to talk 24/7 about everything. spend a lot of time together. but now he goes hours and even a day or two with not really saying anything to me. always on his phone or sleeping when we're together... what is happening


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  • It happened to me , we used to talk everyday and suddenly he stopped talking and when I send him a message he respond with only emoji , i though he is playing hard to get but now it's clearly he's not interested
    You can talk to him ask him what's wrong
    Maybe he is busy or maybe he is not interested, you will know when he talk to you

    • I ask him what's up but he says nothing he says I'll change I be there but nothing. how can one day were in love getting married and then months later it be lime this

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    • we're are married we have been best friends for 7 years now... we talk about everything but now nothing.. I will try to talk to him again.

    • Oh I am sorry I thought you too are going to marry ,, maybe you said something that upset him or maybe he is sad about something else
      I hope things go well with you :)

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