What are the signs you're over your ex? Your ex reaches out to you after a recent break up. What do you do?

Do you tell them to leave you alone? Do you even reply? If you are truly not over them, what do you do to get back together?


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  • I would have to think if you are over someone, you would know it. If someone keeps contacting you, they aren't over it. It is probably best to completely ignore them until they get past that phase.

    I've had relationships I am not over from decades ago but I have accepted it. I'm just not over it.

    • ignore them? why don't you just tell them you are over it and they need to stop talking to you so they can move on too.

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    • He called me up today and I asked him straight up if he is over me, and he said yes. And then I said thank you goodbye.

    • That is what you need. It's surprising how much indecision takes away from you. Good luck. I really hope you manage to find the right man.

      I'm in basically the same situation with no prospects but that puts me ahead of where I was.

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