Why is this type of behavior occurring?

My ex will not talk to me at all. I thought we were going to remain friends. He was so in love and now he's cut off all contact with me. He will not give me my belongings either. He gave me an expensive gift via mail which he purchased before the break up. I don't understand why he is completely ignoring me and won't give my things back.


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  • Staying friends after a breakup is like keeping a pet after it dies. It might work, but everybody knows things aren't the same anymore. I think he sill has feelings for you (negative, or positive ones), for which he tries to avoid you as much as he can - it's easier to forget you that way. But why he keeps your things is truly beyond my understanding and it doesn't tie in any way with trying to forget you. Maybe someone else could retrieve your items, if he refuses to meet you?

    • Thanks for your reply. I've tried having someone else retrieve my items. Oh well guess he is an ex for a reason.

    • Of course he is. You're welcome. Take care :)

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  • Why not? exes don't usually talk to each other in most cases, there's really nothing you can do if he is ignoring you


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  • because he is smart
    thats why he cut you off
    you can ask for your belongings and cut off all ties as well

    • Actually I broke up with him and he went crazy on me for a day then apologized. Awkward

    • I didn't say about how it went down
      but he realized that you were his ex for a reason that's why he cut you off

      you should realize the same and do the same

    • Oh gotcha... that makes sense!!! Guess I'm thinking like a woman! Ha

  • Yup sounds normal to me, who needs the drama.


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