Guys, I need your help?

My ex-boyfriend is asking me how many guys I am dating or do I have boyfriends do I have. And getting upset when I am not answering because he dumped me.

I was talking to this one guy that I found out was his roommate and his roommate called me up telling me that how my ex-bf said not to talk to me and how we were serious before he went off to college. I heard laughing in background from someone *EX)

What is my ex-bf problem?


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  • Honestly? Your ex is one hell of an asshole. Your relationship's over- he gets no more say in what goes on in your life. I think that he has an ego problem, and dumped you for his own kicks and giggles. Did he dump you after he got to college? 'Cause if so, he might have dumped you because he thought he could get some if he did. And now that he's found out he can't, he's toying with you thinking that you'll like him and want him for it. The sad f***.

    Either way, it sucks that a guy you were talking to did that to you, but at least now you know he was a scumball and not worth your time.


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  • He's just loyal to your boyfriend and is willing to hurt you in order to make your boyfriend laugh and like him


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  • Sounds like your ex is immature and needs to grow up. He may have dumped you but he has no right to ask you about your life now and don't let him bother you. As to his roommate, avoid him, have nothing to do with them at all.

    Your ex boyfriend is his own problem and not you. Move on and get on with your life. Go out, join clubs, groups meet other people and have fun. Just forget him and don't answer his calls, texts or anything else. Just remove him from your life. He will soon get the message.


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