I am kind of confused about my ex we dated for 5yrs and he said that he wanted to work on us but his actions so otherwise. Help?

Okay me and ex was together for almost 5 years the last yr has been kind of Rocky but he has my heart I kept askin for commitment he kept putting it off prolonging it and he I found out the beginning of our relationship he was doing him and through out the relationship so march of this yr I finally reached my breaking point and I had enough but it wasn't easy so I started to talkin to someone new and he knew about it but every now and then I would talk to my ex and I did go over a few times and chill with me my current friend didn't know about it.. Eventually I realized I had no feelings for my current friend so eventually that ended by the end of July. So I went and talked to my ex he told me he wanted me back in his life and that he missed me so much i told him that I couldn't so all week he telling me how much he miss me so I dismissed it. But the early part of next week I did start thinking about him and missing him so I told him I wanted to give us a chance right after I decided to do that my sister said that he had bought a female around I asked him about the female he swears she is just a friend and that she has a boyfriend but I kno it's other females and now that I actually wanted to make it work he said that he need times to make his decision and that's the part that is confusing me.. I did throw a fit though cuz I felt like he wasn't being real with me and now that I havr came back around all my old feelings have been reopened and I wish it wouldn't have and now he's acting all Nonchalant towards me.


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  • Just a friend with benifits. Can't expect him to masturbate all the time..


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