My ex cheated on me left and now acts like she hates me?

So i just got out of a very painful in which the girl was my first love. I loved her so much and i was always there for her when she needed anything. I would always call her and talk to when she having anxiety attacks, i always held her and wiped her trears away when she cried. At one point she told me i was the only person she had and how her friends didn't care about her so i tried everything in my power to to let her know i was there for her. She even told me that if it werent for me she wouldn't be alive today and to me thats a pretty big deal... She cheated on me twice but technically 4 times since the first time was three different people. When i found out the first time i was so hurt that i started saying some really hurtful things to her which i know i shouldn't have said but it was the first time i loved someone and felt a pain of that magnitude sp i didn't know what else to do. I just wamted someone to feel my pain so who better to hurt than the person who caused me the pain. After about 4-5 months i was finally at terms with what had happened and i had forgiven her and right after i was ready to move on to the next step she cheated again. She told people that i made her take acid and made her try to kill herself, she told people i was obsessed with her and that i was stupid. After that i stopped caring or at least i thought i did. I was just afraid of being hurt again. Time goes by and she turns 18. She stsrts doing things she would never do. Smoking, drinking, staying out late, not lettin me know she was okay. I got suspicious and upset and i thought maybe she had been cheating because all of her reasoning was illogical. The next day she left me. She would send me links to videos on how to get over a break up. A couple weeks go by and she texts me saying she wants me back because she misses me. But at this point im too afraid. A month later she blocks me on everything an now acts like she hates me. After everything its like im nothing to her. It hurts.


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  • the things you said before were justified she did wrong, the problem was never you sounds like she has her own issues best to distance yourself she's unhealthy company

    • I've been trying but her blocking me has really made it that much harder. She's living as if nothing ever happened. And im nothing. Im pretty sure she's tellin everbody how bad of a boyfriend i was because of the way my attitude changed over the relationship. It sucks because i love her.

    • I understand you care but she's just going to keep coming back to hurt you who knows it might escalate and she might throw your name into something serious just out of spite

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  • Disengage and ignore, she sounds like a nutjob.

    • I think all of these things but my heart feels different. Its hard because i loved her so much and like i said its almost like i was nothing to her. She once told told me that i saved her life and if it werent for me she would be dead. I took that very personally and it made me fall deeper in love with her. It became more than love. The feeling was incomprehensible. But she still did me dirty and i just domt understand after all she said i was to her and what i did for her she still acts as if im the one who hurt her.

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