My ex boyfriend like my Instagram post?

So I recently had an ugly breakup where my ex left me for his ex girlfriend. There was a lot of crying and pleading on my part... Ew...

But I'm getting over it step by step and I posted a picture basically saying I'm moving on (it wasn't exactly a selfie...)

He doesn't really like photos on Instagram and he follows wayyyy to many people for him to find me on his feed.

Why did he like it... ? Is he mocking me or something?


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he just liked it because it was in his feed, I wouldn't go out of my way to purposely avoid a post

    • Nah man he follows way to many people it would have been lost in the feed, he'd have to dig deep to find it. Plus he doesn't really use it for anything anymore

    • ah alright, I don't really know then

    • I guess in a way because the post was about him, he liked it to show you that he saw it

What Girls Said 2

  • That's him just letting you know he sees you, and he sees your in a happy place and he probably wants to confuse you. Either pay no attention to it or block him.

    • He sees me in a good way or a bad kind of way?

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    • I actually cannot cope with this boy literally being so petty atm

    • Thanks for your insight!

  • Maybe he's happy for you moving on?


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