How to approach a girl in a romantic way?

i want a girl for sometime and i want to know how to approach her


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  • Many girls do not like a direct approach. They like to know something about you. Like if you were a barrista in a coffee shop, you could get to talk slowly. Back off if you sense the girl is not interested.

    • i see, but if i want to talk to her, to compliment her about something, how do i do that without konowing her or vice versa?

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    • yeah i can do that , i am always trying to be polite and respect the womans in my life

    • That is the way!

  • I would say just show interest in her life, ask questions about her and tell her things about you. If you come on too strong, it will most likely scare her off.

    • what do you mean come on too strong?

    • I mean don't keep messaging her if she's not replying, don't get too romantic too early on. Just get to know her and if she's responding well, then throw in some flirty messages and see how those go over. :)

    • i see, i will try that next time , i try to throw some discreet flirty messages

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